What Parents Should Know About Practicing

Ah, the big question- how much should my child be practicing? Here are 3 things you should consider as you help your child practice…

  1. 5 days a week. Kids do best when they practice consistently, and if violin practice is part of the daily routine they know what to expect. (Practicing the day or hour before your lesson is not good enough! We all have hectic weeks once in a while, and I understand that, but if you really want your child to get the most out of lessons, schedule a daily practice time.)
  2. 10 minutes per year of age, per week. For example, if your child is 10, you would expect them to practice 100 minutes a week. Divided by five days of practice a week, that would turn into 20 minutes of practice a day.
  3. 15 minutes a day. At least. Unless you are under 7 years old, it’s 15 minutes a day!

A few more suggestions:

  • Practice sessions should be structured like lessons. For example, if we start lessons with bow exercises and then move on to scales, your practice session should follow the same pattern.
  • I try to make notes for students that will help them practice. Please read through my notes and have your child read them. Even better, come to a lesson every once in a while and take notes yourself!
  • I believe that every child can learn to play the violin well. That being said, my most successful students are the ones who can focus not only during their lessons but during practice times as well. Is your child practicing with purpose?

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