Daily Regime for Suzuki Book 2

I’m making every effort to standardize my lesson plans and expectations, so I am going to be writing a post explaining the daily regime I expect my students to follow. My first post will be for Suzuki book 2. When first beginning Book 2 we may not be doing all of the scales to begin with, but by midway we should be proficient in the assigned scales.

1. Scales with a metronome (click here for scales)
Two octave major scales and arpeggios: G, A, B flat
Two octave minor scales and arpeggios: a
Two octave major scales and arpeggios in third position: C, D
***Set your metronome to a quarter note = 60. Slur one to a bow (half notes), two to a bow (quarter notes), four to a bow (eighth notes)
2. String Explorer or Wohlfahrt, Op. 45 (assigned weekly)
3. Vibrato exercises
4. Review (see the chart below)
5. New Suzuki material

Now, a few words about the review chart. This chart includes Suzuki Books 1-8 and they are color coded accordingly. If you have only made it through Book 1, you only need to review the pieces you have learned. Remember- you only need to practice on the days that you eat! Review your pieces every single day, this could very possibly be the bulk of your practice time.

Weekly Suzuki Review Chart

Weekly Suzuki Review Chart


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