Studio Recital June 2016

This year we had our studio recital at The Piano Gallery in Roy, and I have been so slow at documenting the event! I was so proud of everyone; all of my students worked very hard to have their songs learned and/or memorized. For many, this was the first time some students had performed with an accompanist in front of an audience. Alyssa 2016


Alyssa performed the Theme from “Witches Dance” by Paganini


Alex performed Giguetta by Bach

20160611_165216Goldie performed Musette by Bach


Mariska played Go Tell Aunt Rhody, a traditional folk song

20160611_164748Abe played Theme and Variations by Papini


Daviny and Mariska performed the Twinkle Variations by Suzuki


Daviny performed Long, Long Ago by Bayly

20160611_171238Emily performed the first movement from Rieding’s Concerto in G Major

20160611_170158Hannah performed all three movements from Vivaldi’s Concerto in A Minor

20160611_172141Group picture!