Practice Requirements

  1. You only need to practice on the days that you eat. Practicing every day is far more beneficial than one or two long practice sessions a week.
  2. Practice the same time every day. This will help create a routine and will help to eliminate practice battles.
  3. Have specific goals. Make sure you understand what skills you are  practicing so that you can concentrate on improving that particular skill.
  4. Master short sections before you play the whole song. This is particularly important for older students who are playing pieces that are several pages long.
  5. PLAY SLOW. If you want to move through songs quickly, practice SLOWLY. You can focus on rhythms, intonation, bowings, phrasing, dynamics, etc! If you begin by practicing slowly, your will make fewer mistakes and will require fewer corrections. And, the more you practice slowly, the faster I will let you speed it up. I promise.
  6. Starting at the beginning of the song and playing it through to the end will not make you a better violinist. Even if you play it 3 times.
  7. Try practicing the song backwards, line by line. Isolate measures that you struggle with. Concentrate on those measures before playing the fun or easy parts.
  8. Don’t practice mistakes, or you will become very proficient at playing them!
  9. Listen to your pieces. Record yourself- how could you improve?
  10. Remember,  you are in charge of how quickly we progress. Practice so that you can see improvement, because that is more motivating than anything.
  11. Use a metronome.

Here are a few resources for helping your child practice:


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